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✔️ passionate about personal health and self-care and you want to deepen your understanding of Light Therapy
✔️ wanting to give Light Therapy a try, but not sure where to begin
✔️ seeking alternative or complementary options for personal health challenges
✔️ interested in starting a career or adding Light Therapy to your business
✔️ considering Light Therapy and feeling lost by all of the marketing hype

This course is for you!

Light Therapy Resource

What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy, also known as Photobiomodulation, utilizes specific wavelengths of therapeutic light to stimulate various cellular and molecular activities that support the body's natural healing processes. It is non-invasive and has been used for decades for a variety of issues and health concerns.

Light Therapy has the potential to help with mood disorders, reduce pain and inflammation, improve skin health, promote faster wound healing time, as well as support deep bone and tissue recovery and healing. And with the rise of technology, Light Therapy has become more accessible and popular for both humans and pets.

How Does Light Therapy Work?

A light source is placed at or near the surface of the skin, allowing the light to penetrate the tissue. This light induces a complex chain of physiological reactions which can accelerate wound healing and tissue regeneration, increase circulation, reduce acute inflammation, reduce acute and chronic pain, improve skin health, help restore normal cellular function and more!

This course will discuss the science and physics behind how light energy interacts with the body, offering a variety of therapeutic benefits. Take the advanced course for an even deeper dive!

Light Therapy Resource

Why Choose Light Therapy?

One of the biggest benefits of Light Therapy is its non-invasive nature. Unlike other treatments, there are no needles or medications involved. It's also a natural and drug-free option for those looking to support their body's natural functions. Plus, with the rise of home based light therapy devices, it's easier than ever to incorporate Light Therapy into your daily routine.

So whether you're looking to improve your mood, address a special health concern, reduce chronic pain and inflammation, help your furry loved one, or simply support your body's natural processes, Light Therapy may be the solution you've been searching for. Join us on this journey to discover the benefits of Light Therapy and how you can reap the benefits of improved health and wellness.

Benefits of the Course

  • Learn the basics about how Light Therapy works
  • Gain a better understanding of the various Light Therapy devices available - how do they differ and how do you use them
  • Empower your personal wellness by learning how to utilize different Light Therapy applications to support various health concerns or to support overall wellness
  • Learn what matters most when purchasing a Light Therapy device
  • Hear valuable tips and best practices from our Team of Certified Light Therapists!
  • Take the advanced course to advance your skills and turn your passion into a thriving Light Therapy business!

The Curriculum for the Course

Light Therapy Resource

About Your Instructor Team

Our team of Certified Light Therapists (CLT) are committed to providing the highest quality educational materials and resources. Having completed extensive training as well as practical experience in the field, our CLT team offers a deep understanding of the subject matter. At the core of our teaching approach is a comprehensive understanding of the physics and science behind how energy interacts with the body.

Our commitment to your learning doesn't end with purchasing the course. We believe in fostering a supportive learning community and providing ongoing guidance. Our instructors are also available to answer questions, provide clarification, and offer support.

Light Therapy is an evolving field and we are dedicated to staying up to date on advancements in the field. This course is regularly updated to ensure you receive only the most accurate and current information. Thank you for supporting our small, woman owned business out of California!

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